NaOClean is a disinfectant generator developed by D&D Electronics for the first time in the world that generates NaOCl which is obtained by electrolyzing the tap water or ground water to which small amount of salts are added and sterilizes and disinfects bacteria in a short period time by using NaOCl. This product is environmentally friendly and harmless to the human bodies as it contains no chemicals NaOClean doesn't cause any second hand contamination and meet the sterilization & disinfection and sanitary management provisions in "HACCP" standards.

"NaOClean" is a compound word of "NaOCl" which stands for sodium hypochlorite, the main ingredient of disinfectant generated by electrolyzing the water and 
"Clean" which means a clean environment.


Only Salt & Water !

NaOClean uses salt, water and electricity to generate the highly active sodium hypochlorite and then a strong disinfectant water that serializes and disinfects in a short period time, without adding any other chemical. it is harmless to the human body and is resolved with time and therefore environment-friendly. It perfectly complies with "HACCP" standards. Besides, you may drain this disinfectant water without any pressing. It won't affect the environment and drain facility at all. It doesn't violate the sewage regulations either. It doesn't emit any strong smell and will keep the workplace always pleasant.

Although we have more safe and eco-friendly alternatives

Environmental changes caused by industrialized economies have triggered extreme weather, such as high temperature with humidity and heat waves, resulting in the proliferation of microorganisms, such as food poisoning bacteria. This creates a higher risk of food poisoning which used to occur on rainy summer days begins to arise regardless of the weather. Today, the world has established a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System (HACCP), an international guideline, to improve the quality of life and to prevent different types of diseases by offering a systematic and scientific management of sanitation on the national level.

Instructions for the use of disinfectant
1. Turn on the machine and wait a minute making disinfectants before using.
2. Check the concentration of NaOCl by reading test paper.
3. Press the cleaning button and wash out the inside of the machine, when it is not used for a long time.
4. Close and lock the water inlet valve when the machine is not used for a long time.
5. Keep water off the machine’ s internals.
6. Avoid twisting of hose and blocking of exit.


 Instructions for the user of generator

This system a reliable supply of electrolyzed based highly active sodium hypochlorite. Without affecting the pH level, just electric current passes through tap water mixed with a small amount of salt in an undivided electrolytic bath. Then the machine generates sodium hypochlorite water keeping constant level.

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