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Textile Industry has a wide range of textile materials : Cellulosic, Polyester, Jute, Wool, Silk, Acrylic, Nylon, Viscose etc. Rung's range of products are designed to be applicable on all kinds of fibres: Natural, man made fibres, and their blends, and in all forms such as yarns, loose, plain woven goods, knitwear, leather and furs.They can be applied in the dyeing and finishing of textiles and leather goods in systems such as circulating liquor machines, package dyeing, loose stock fibre units, beam dyeing, continuous and semi-continuous systems like pad-batch, pad dry thermofix, chemical pad steam. Also applicable in the printing sector in flat screen printing machines, and rotary printing machines and also applicable in garment dyeing.

Offer the highest performance in their application, compatibility, reproduction, and the fastness degree demanded by the market on textile fabrics for clothing, decoration & other articles.

Colour additives have long been used as a means of enhancing the aesthetic value of foods, beverages, cosmetics and for identifying drugs and other products. Synthetic organic dyes were developed creating a more economical & extensive array of colorants since in the midle of 90'th

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