• Help prevent secondary infections by sanitizing knives, cutting boards, dishes, utensils, dish towels, tablecloths, napkins and more.
  • Remove sticky biofilms and bad odor from tables and chairs in restaurants.
  • With regular use, helps prevent bacteria, mold and algae build-up on floors.
  • Prevent bad smells, mold and mildew in toilets, drains, sinks, baths, saunas and more.


Sterilizing dishes, spoon, fork, cup, cutting board, and knife

Disinfectant Generator has been shown to be highly effective in disinfecting bacteria such as Ecoli, Saureus, V.parahaemolyticus and S.typhi. Dish, cup, water bottle, knife and cutting board are sterillized perfectly.


Cleaning and sterilizing fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood

  • You can sterilize various kinds of bacteria on the surface of fruit, cucumber, lettuce, sesame leaf, ingredients, processed good and etc with a single cycle.
  • The bacterial contamination of food material is an ever present problem. NaOClean is a suited solution to clean the preparation areas, such as packing cases, food processing and food handing environment. Furthermore it guarantees the freshness of food and minimizes destruction of nutrients by reducing food preperation time.


Remove bacteria and bad odor on sink drains.

The sink drain has many bad smells because all kinds of foods are passing there. You can solve this problems with NaOClean which has very strong effect to remove the bad odor and rotten smells.


Restroom (Toilet, sink, bath, etc.)


The Disinfectant generator enables users to remove the bacteria and bad smells effectively in small restaurant kitchen, restroom and more. Also, you can solve the problems of the slimy and fur on the floor by spraying and keep the pleasant working environments.

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